Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Channel lettering signs are becoming more and more popular because of various reasons. One of the major reason is the fact that they are bold, bright and grab the attention of those who pass by. Channel lettering signs are made up of 3D letters and shapes which are crafted mostly from aluminum.

The depth of the letters in these signs varies depending on the face of every number or letter covered with a translucent acrylic and the size of the sign. If you a business owner looking for an effective way to advertise your business, then it may be a good idea to consider channel letters signs.

Benefits of channel letter signs for your business


Channel letter signs are usually durable mainly because of the fact that channel lettering signs are made from sturdy aluminum. The material is also rustproof and can also not be damaged by insects. Channel letter signs can also withstand harsh weather conditions meaning that you won’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions damaging your signs.

They are highly visible

Whether you choose an illuminated channel letter sign or one that is not illuminated, you will be sure that your business will get exceptional visibility. This will help your business a lot as it will make it easy for customers to find your business even if they have not visited the area where your business is located.

This is the major reason why most of the big businesses like using channel letters signs outside and inside their stores. Channel letter signs can help you make the boldest and biggest statement for your business.

They can be customized

A channel letter sign can be customized as the letter fabrication process is usually versatile. This means that you can choose any size, shape, typeface, color or style of letters you would like. The fact that aluminum is pliable makes channel letter signs very customizable.

Therefore, with channel letter signs you will not be forced to compromise as you have the freedom to choose what you want. The fact that channel letter signs are customizable means that it allows you to recreate what your business stands for.

Energy efficient

Channel lights can increase your business visibility without consuming a lot of energy as LED lights are usually very energy efficient. This is the case especially when you opt for illuminated channel letter signs which light every letter. In fact, LED channel letter signs use 40% less energy than lit letters.

Apart from being energy efficient, LED lights are durable meaning that you don’t have to replace them from time to time. Even though LED lights cost more upfront, they are cost-effective in the long run as they last for a long period of time and are also energy efficient.

As you can see, channel letter signs can benefit your business in many ways. They are highly visible regardless of the time of day, are energy efficient, can be customized and are durable. And the best thing is that these signs are affordable. Contact Atlantic Sign Company for more tips.