Tips On How To Fix A Leaky Ceiling

When thinking about how to fix a leaky ceiling it is important to first figure out what is causing that leak. In most cases it means that there is a leak in your roof, which is essential to fix as soon as possible to prevent further damage. To determine this you will want to take a number of steps before beginning any repairs that may simply be a waste of your efforts.

Identify The Space And Area Around

If you have an attic you will want to go into it to attempt to figure out where the water is coming from. It is best to evaluate where the leak in the ceiling is coming from and go to that spot in the attic. Be careful that you only step on the studs in your attic if it does not have a floor so that you do not fall through.

Once you identify the space in which water is coming through you will want to examine the surrounding area. For example, if there is an air conditioning duct above the source of the leak it is possible condensation is leaking out of the duct. Another possibility is that there is a weak spot in the roof that is allowing water to seep through. If that is the case there should be obvious water damage around that area as well.

Source Of Problem

Once you have identified the source of the water you can take measures to fix it. If it is your roof you will want to replace shingles or metal roofing and wait until the next rain to ensure that it has resolved the issue before you replace the ceiling. If it is due to an air duct you will want to seal the gap. If there is no source of leaking it can be due to too much contrast in temperature in the attic. In that case you will want to better cool your attic, which will also help to reduce your home improvement cost estimator and other costs. The key is finding the problem before you concern yourself with the ceiling.

Once you are sure that you have identified the source of the problem you are ready to cut out the damaged section of the ceiling. You then replace the drywall in that area by patching it, as long as you get all of the area that has been damaged with water. If you are unsure about this process there are countless videos online that will show you step by step how to fix a leaky ceiling. To know more visit the website and discover other services.