Ways To Protect Your Hair From Damage

Hair is said to be the crowning glory, however, that crowning glory may require some care and maintenance. To keep hair looking great you’ll need to know some ways to protect your hair from the elements and from the wear and tear that even a simple washing of the hair can do.

Tips to Protect Your Hair

Protect Hair From Heat

Avoid overheating hair. Hair is delicate. Too much heat and your hair can be seriously damaged and require trimming and even more hair care. If you’re using hot rollers, blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, or even too hot of water when you’re washing your hair, you’re subjecting your hair to some serious damage.

Use hair care products that will help to protect the hair from heat damage. Avoid overusing products such as curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons and the like.

Never Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is very delicate. Avoid brushing wet hair to prevent breakage and split ends. Instead. Gently pat hair dry with a towel. Never rough it up with a towel to help dry it.

Using a wide tooth comb, gently separate hair strands and comb it out after washing. Combining these techniques will go far to help protect hair from serious damage when caring for it. If using a blow dryer, use the lowest possible setting and keep the blow-dryer in motion to prevent overheating any one area of the hair.

Rotate Hair Care Products

Many people use one or two hair care products exclusively. This is great, however, over the course of time these can build up in the hair and create a film or residue on the hair that eventually breaks down the composition of the hair.

Instead, use a few different quality products on the hair. Rotate these every time you shampoo to avoid residue build-up and to avoid hair breakage and damage. There are many great best hair oil for men and women available on the market today that are reasonably priced so buy a few of them and use these on a rotating basis.

Following careful hair care practices will go far in helping you to protect your hair from elements, heat, and other dangers to your hair. Remember to be gentle with your hair and don’t pull or tug when brushing or combing your hair. If you have a stubborn knot be sure to gently separate it with your fingers and a wide-toothed comb. Visit our website for more tips!